Florida cop attacked by pit bull accidentally shoots off own finger

A Florida police officer’s body camera captured the terrifying moment she shot and killed an attacking pit bull – and accidentally shot off her own finger.

Pasco County Deputy Monica Bray responded to a call last Saturday at a homeless camp after a pit bull attacked one of the residents.

Bray’s body camera was rolling as she approached a mobile home inside the camp. Suddenly, the pit bull appears in her field of vision.

The pit bull growls and appears to get aggressive as the officer approaches.

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    “Better stay there brother,” Bray can be heard warning the dog, before calling out to its owner. “Hello, Virginia!?”

    But moments later, the dog lunges forward, knocking Bray over. It’s not clear what happens next as the officer’s body camera is obscured; however it’s clear that Bray fires two shots from her service revolver.

    Then as she stands up, she realizes the consequences of at least one of her shots.

    “Shot my finger off. I just shot my fingers,” Bray says. “I don’t want to look at it.”

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    Another officer then helps Bray into the back of his squad car. Police confirm the dog later died as a result of a gunshot wound inflicted by Bray.

    According to Jim Ames, who lives next to Virginia in the camp, the pit bull is usually on a leash, but that was not the case last Saturday.

    “She was on her back and the dog was headed for her,” Ames told WFLA News in Florida. “Someone had cut the leash.”

    Meanwhile, investigators tell Bay 9 News that the dog may have broken its own leash, either during the initial attack on the homeless man or the subsequent attack on Bray.

    Ames said he feels sorry for the dog’s owner, but says he felt Bray had no choice but to fire.

    “It really hurt [the owner] because it was a rescue dog to begin with and it was her protection in case somebody came in during the night or anything like that,” Ames said. “The dog just kept coming, there was nothing [Bray]could do. I can’t find fault with the Pasco County Sheriff Department at all.”

    The department has not made Bray available for interviews as she recovers from her injuries, and say they are conducting a full investigation into the incident.

    Police did mention that Bray is the owner of three pit bulls herself and is familiar with their behaviour and how to handle them.

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