Halifax police on scene of standoff on Titus Street

Halifax Regional Police crisis negotiators and officers say a man has barricaded himself inside a house on Titus Street in Halifax.

Officers went to a residence on Ashdale Avenue just after 9 a.m. to arrest a man on an outstanding file. During their conversation with the man, he produced a knife, leading officers to call for back up.  The man then retreated into the residence.

Several units were still in the area as of 6 p.m. Friday, and a police service dog was also on the scene.

Crisis negotiators are trying to communicate with the man.

Const. Kristine Fraser with Halifax police said the weapon is the reason for the heavy police presence.

“Any time anybody produces a weapon to anybody, even police, we take that as a serious threat,” Fraser said.

She said they have no reason to suspect guns are in the residence. She said though they have been on scene for several hours, they have not entered the building.

“We have open lines of communication and that’s where we are now,” Fraser said. “We are prepared to stay here as long as we have to for this to have a successful conclusion.”

Traffic is blocked on several streets in the area, causing problems for both businesses and residents.

“I haven’t had a customer yet today so it’s going to hurt for sure,” said Andrew Boutiller, owner of Mary Brown’s restaurant, which is near the suspect’s home. He said Fridays are usually the restaurant’s busiest day.

“I walked out of my place and there was a SWAT team across the street,” said Will Camick, who lives nearby.

Police said a “successful conclusion” would be if the man voluntarily leaves his home.

— With files from Natasha Pace. 

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