Here’s what Canadian senators spend your money on

The Canadian Senate has been working to improve transparency since the expense scandal, and has started releasing quarterly reports outlining senators’ spending.

The expenditures report is divided into five sections: office expenses (excluding salary), hospitality expenses, living expenses in the Ottawa region, travel, and contracts. Detailed information is available for some, but not all of the claimed expenses.

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The first report summarizes expenses from July 1 — Sept. 30. Expenses range from small gifts to $54 for alcohol, to $660 for an annual New York Times subscription.

Here are some of the expenses taxpayers are on the hook for.

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The cost to rent and install artwork isn’t cheap, as a number of senators’ expense details show.

$6,205 — Independent Sen. Andre Pratt, Quebec, artwork rental and installation.

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$6,060 — Independent Sen. Chantal Petitclerc, Quebec, artwork rental and installation.

$2,100 — Independent Sen. Ratna Omidvar, Ontario, artwork rental.

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    Hospitality expenses

    Three senators expensed more than $1,000 in the time period for hospitality, while many — including newly returned Sen. Mike Duffy — claimed none at all.

    $1,564.14 — Tory Sen. Yonah Martin just might be the hostess with the mostest, coming in on top for spending on hospitality. The expenses include more than $150 at the Parliament Hill boutique on three gifts, and the rest on catering for five community events and a business meeting.

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    $1,339.55 — Tory Sen. Dennis Glen Patterson, Nunavut, expensed costs for 12 business meetings and other events.

    $1,056.71 — Tory Sen. Tobias C. Enverga Jr., Ontario, expensed more than a grand for a community event for 268 guests.

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    Office Expenses 

    Office expenses include things such as service contracts, furniture and office supplies.

    $11,580.82 — Sen. Yonah Martin, who has been a senator since 2009, also claimed the most for office expenses. A good chunk of that change, $4,080, was for artwork rental.

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    $9,947.38 — Tory Sen. Dennis Glen Patterson, Nunavut, no information for expenses available.

    $8,244.97 — Tory Sen. Nany Green-Raine, B.C., no information for expenses available.

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    Travel expenses 

    Travel expenses include transportation, meal allowances and accommodation.

    $23,229.39 — Tory Sen. David M. Wells, Newfoundland and Labrador, expensed the most for travel of all the senators. Wells resides in St. John’s. The breakdown of his costs include $11,892 for his own travel, $7,810 for “designated traveller” and $3,525 for “dependant(s).”

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    $20,306.38 — Independent Sen. Nick G. Sibbeston, Northwest Territories, came second for most travel expenses.

    $18,464.31 — Tory Sen. Thanh Hai Ngo, Ontario, came third for travel expenses.

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