Scottish Diaspora Tapestry tells globe-trotting tale of Scots, on display at Atwater Library

The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry, which displays over 300 hand-embroidered panels, is on display at the Atwater Library and Computer Centre, in Westmount.

It tells the stories of Scots who settled in places far and wide across the globe and is considered “Scotland’s contribution to the world.”

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    The tapestry was stitched by volunteers with Scottish roots from around the world to show aspects of their new countries and the Scottish influence there.

    The library first got involved due to its longstanding collaboration with the St. Andrews Society of Montreal, which paid for the installation of the hanging railings. They will remain in place once the tapestry moves on.

    The Montreal panel of the tapestry was embroidered by Moira Barclay-Fernie, past president of the society, and member Suni Hope-Johnston.

    “[It was] sent to Scotland in good time to be steamed and stretched, ready for display with the other almost 300 panels from 33 countries across the globe, of which Canada and Australia completed the most panels,” the St. Andrews Society of Montreal explains on its website.

    “The Diaspora Tapestry was, and is, intended to tell the Diaspora’s tales back to Scotland so that those in Scotland will be better informed and educated about Scotland’s contribution to many other countries around the globe.”

    The Montreal panel shows McGill University, the Bank of Montreal, the fur traders, the first Presbyterian Church, the railway and steam ship systems.

    The tapestry will eventually end up in Prestonpans, a small town just east of Edinburgh where it was created.

    The tapestry will be on display at the Atwater Library until Saturday, Dec. 10 2016.

    Admission is free.

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