Vancouver heritage house saved, being moved to a new location

A Vancouver heritage house is on the move after being saved by a local development company.

The house, built in 1905, was originally located at 1754 Pendrell Street. But after the land was bought by Westbank Development, they decided to donate it to Point Grey Development, which is moving it to a new location on East 5 Avenue.

But it has quite the journey before it reaches its new home.

Nickel Bros. is moving the house, which is currently sitting in an alley at Davie and Pendrall Streets.

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The house has been jacked up, placed on steel beams, and had the walls of the basement removed. It is now sitting on wheels ready to continue its journey.

The next stage begins early Saturday morning around 1 a.m. when the crew from Nickel Bros. will drive the house down Morton Avenue, towards Morton Park. It will then be driven east on Beach Avenue, then down on to the beach just north of the Inukshuk.

There they will load it onto a barge and sail it up False Creek, under the Burrard, Granville and Cambie Bridges.

From there it will sit in a yard near Olympic Village until mid-January. It will not be moved to its new location, in the 400-block of East 5 Avenue, until a year from now, when the new site is ready.

Dennis Langendorff, an estimater at Nickel Bros. says this is quite a difficult move, even for an experienced crew.

He says they have also had to coordinate with Telus, Shaw, BC Hydro, Westbank and the City of Vancouver to make sure the move goes smoothly.

Credit: Sergio Magro

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