Wildrose says it would axe Alberta electricity, carbon changes

Alberta’s Opposition leader says he would repeal changes the NDP government is making in the electricity and fossil-fuel sectors if his party wins the next election.

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean says the changes now underway will saddle families with crushing debtloads and bleed away thousands of jobs if they aren’t reversed.

Premier Rachel Notley says investors and industry leaders are signing onto the NDP’s plan that she says will create jobs and stabilize the electricity industry as coal-fired power is phased out.

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  • Protesters call for referendum on Alberta NDP carbon tax

  • Alberta applauds federal plan to phase-out coal power by 2030

  • Alberta changing how it produces and pays for electricity

  • Alberta makes changes to electricity pool as it moves away from coal

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    Alberta is capping power charges in the short term as it moves away from deregulation to a system that will see the province pay to ensure there is always enough capacity on the grid.

    The government has cut a deal with power providers to shut down coal-fired electricity by 2030 and move to natural gas, wind, solar and hydro energy instead.

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    The province is also bringing in a broad-based carbon tax in January, but the Wildrose says it would hold a referendum to see if Albertans wanted it.

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